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In order to download the DFTB+ code, you have to fill out a licence agreement. The licence covers not only the person filling it out, but also the members of his/her group, therefore, it should be always filled out by the group leader or by the supervisor. It only covers the usage for non-profit, academic and educational research. For commercial usage please contact us directly.

After downloading the licence with your data, email it to the address specified therein. An account will be created for you, so that you can download the code (source and binaries).

Follow this link to read and fill out the licence agreement.

Parametrisation data

In order to use the DFTB+ code, you need parametrisation data for the diatomic interactions (so called Slater-Koster files). This parameters are distributed separately. You find the terms of conditions to obtain various parameter sets on the dftb website.

If you already possess Slater-Koster files (in the format used by the old Paderborn DFTB/Dylax-code), you can use those with DFTB+ as well. It is nevertheless encouraged to register and download the published sets, since the autotest system (checking if your code works correctly on your system) relies on those.