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Questions about handling the code should be posted to the DFTB+ User mailing list! (see below)

Otherwise, if you

  • think having found a serious bug in the code
  • have any good ideas for future extensions
  • would like to use DFTB+ for commercial purposes

please contact us at

Mailing lists

There are two public mailing lists related to DFTB+:

  • DFTB+ announce list:
    Subscribe to this (read-only) list if you would like to be notified about bug fixes for the current release and about new releases of DFTB+. (Registered users of DFTB+ are automatically added to this list.)
  • DFTB+ user list:
    Join this list if you have questions about handling the code, or if you want to exchange information with other DFTB+ users and to share your experience with DFTB+ with them. (Before posting a question to the list, please browse prior postings in the archive of the mailing list.)